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Timber Bi-fold Doors

Bi-folding doors are the perfect choice for opening up your indoor/outdoor living areas to maximise your living space and allow connection between two or more areas while retaining the ability to separate and divide the space again when you so wish.

Bi-fold doors offer practicality and functionality while lending prestige to the room and its surroundings.

Bi-fold Doors – A Beautiful Way To Separate

Furntech Joinery’s bi-fold doors will create a beautiful barrier between your living area and the elements externally or internally when required fold away to join the areas, creating an unrivaled entertainment experience.

Bi-folding doors are commonly installed into living or eating spaces allowing access to decks, courtyards,adjoining gardens,pools.Kitchen servery’s.

We can advise the best configuration of bi-fold doors to fit your setting and purposes, while always taking into account your wishes, because after all, these doors are being custom made for you and your home.

Our bi-fold doors use an engineered tracking system by Centor & Brio which provides a flawless ease of operation. Our quality bi-folding doors comply with Australian standard 2047, are weather resistant, quiet, low friction and long lasting. We can even have flyscreens integrated if needed.

We offer full installation if required by qualified Tradespeople. Our doors come in a range of timber options to suit your requirements or décor.

Furntech Joinery can offer the supply and install all types of glass to our products including:

  • Toughened
  • Laminated
  • Energy efficient
  • Decorative
  • Double glazed.

All glazing conforms to the modern Australian standards.

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“Awesome company – create something unique and something you exactly what you want.” – Stavroula

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